Have we Changed?

have we changed

You know how social media is, what is REAL news and what is fake news? With the emergence of the University of South Carolina’s basketball run to the Final 4, their Head Coach Frank Martin has received a lot of

Mental Toughness: Team Building vs. Team Busting Part 2

Toughness 2If you’re a coach or athlete who plays with a team, then you’ve got a whole set of communication challenges that aren’t present when the focus is on one individual athlete.

There are unique tactical complexities and social dynamics to

Toughness: What it takes – Part 1


In today’s world of athletics and in today’s world in general, you hear from so many sources that there is a lack of toughness engrained in our youth and a need to help fill that void created by helicopter parents

Supporting your Student-Athlete – How to Engage


After a practice or game is a great time for parents to reinforce what their student-athlete is learning through sports. What is the first question you ask your student-athlete after practice when they get into the car or walk in

What is pressure, and how do we handle it?


In Athletics we talk a lot about how do we handle pressure, can you perform when the moments count? Studies will tell you it goes back to your training, repetition, mental toughness, and visualization of the positive. For instance, I

What I am thankful for……


I am thankful we live in a country that we can openly express our faith. I am thankful for those in uniform that protect that right. I am thankful for a family that loves me unconditionally.  I am thankful for

Calvary Sports and Hurricane Matthew


Sandwiched between Hurricane Matthew, Sports had no choice but continue and continue it did. Just as Matthew was making its way through the Bahamas, the Girls Softball team went 3-0 in the Region 3-A Softball Tournament while knocking off #1

Coaches Coach-Always Learning

coaches-coachThere is something about watching and learning from other Coaches-That’s why most coaches’ shelves are loaded with books about other great coaches or other people that have been successful in their fields. It’s that internal drive to be better, that …

The Cavalier’s Don’t Stop!

Don't StopWow how time flies- by the time this is posted, Softball will have played five games. Volleyball will have opened up defense of their State Championship Season-(Now the Hunted). Cross Country has been working early morning sessions to beat the …