Life is like a box of chocolates..


College decisions are being received daily during this time of year. Some of the decisions bring wonderful news, while others tears of disappointment. So often I hear students say – I thought I did everything right – I earned the


Star College

I found the article below as I was searching for new college admissions info and strategies and really enjoyed the message.  So often students and parents enter the college admissions process with a do or die mentally.  But – Mrs.

Juniors…taking the ASVAB provides the opportunity for Career Insight


On Friday, February 17th, the junior class at Calvary will take the ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery assessment. This vocational measurement provides our students with the opportunity to learn more about their interests and how those interests correspond with

Calvary Students PSAT Scores are Back….


On Wednesday, January 11th and next week on the 19th,  PSAT scores are being passed out to the 9th, 10th and 11th graders. So far, I have witnessed varied emotions … smiles, deep sighs and some tears while speaking with

Financial Aid for Calvary Day Students


Hopeful students are putting the finishing touches on their college applications.  Typically around the time applications are due so are scholarships that are awarded by the college. Many colleges require separate forms to be completed for scholarship opportunities. Make sure