Lower School

Marianne CI would like to welcome you to Calvary’s Lower School. We are thrilled that you have decided to become part of the Calvary family. Calvary’s Lower School works with families to produce academically strong students who possess a firm faith in the Lord and a love for others.

At Calvary, your child will benefit from a rigorous curriculum that reinforces critical thinking, while experiencing Christian values woven throughout the curriculum. We want to help each child reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives; in their minds, hearts, and lives of service. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others” – 1 Peter 4:10.  Specialists in computers, music, art, foreign language and physical education enhance the overall academic program. As the principal, I lead a very talented group of certified professionals that provide a first-class education. Throughout this process we all remain centered on one critical goal: providing our students with academic excellence in a caring Christian environment.

Calvary’s Lower School is proud to be a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School nominee by the United States Department of Education. This distinction is awarded to only 50 private schools in the country, and it is an exceptionally rewarding accomplishment for the Calvary community. National test scores ranking in the top 10% of the country validate this superior academic program available to your child.

I hope that you experience the warmth and enthusiasm of our dynamic community of students, teachers, staff, and parents and the unparalleled curriculum and learning environment that we, at Calvary Day School, are proud to offer.

Written by Marianne Chase


Kindergarten students at Calvary Day School begin the life-long journey of interacting and communicating with the world around them. Their natural curiosity is fostered through exciting lessons that incorporate advanced technology like iPads as well as through trips to the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, the Jepson Center, the local post office, and a tree farm.
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First Grade

First-graders possess boundless energy and are eager to succeed in everything they do. At Calvary Day School, we encourage our students’ restless, hungry minds to begin applying critical thinking to their environments in both the classroom and the outside world. Students take a dolphin boat tour as well as exciting trips to educational sites like Georgia Southern University and…
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Second Grade

Second grade at Calvary Day School is all about creating the confident, independent individual and student. Socially, second-graders are forming more complex relationships with the people in their lives, and the new dimensions of their personalities are invited into the classroom. Academically, students begin recognizing patterns and structures in each subject in order to…
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Third Grade

Third grade at Calvary Day School is a crucial year as students take their solid foundation of knowledge and transition into more difficult subject matter and greater responsibilities. Developmentally, third-graders form closer bonds with their peers and work hard for the approval of both friends and adults. As students become more self-directed socially and academically,…
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Fourth Grade

Fourth-graders begin to express a wide range of emotions and can now express themselves more clearly. Forming close relationships with friends is still a high priority at this age, and fourth grade students at Calvary Day School take several excursions together, including trips to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, the 4H Center on Tybee Island, and the Atlanta Aquarium.
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Fifth Grade

Fifth-graders are eagerly anticipating their move to middle school. At this age, students possess a wide scope of interests and are able to express their thoughts in each academic subject with confidence. Camaraderie is ever present between students–not only because of their shared excitement for upper school, but also because of group visits to fascinating locations,…
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