First Grade

31M_9648First graders possess boundless energy and are eager to succeed in everything they do. At Calvary Day School, we encourage our students’ restless, hungry minds to begin applying critical thinking to their environments in both the classroom and the outside world. Students get to take trips to explore a pumpkin patch at Holiday Farms, go on a dolphin boat tour, visit Tybee Island, and attend the Musical Explorers concert. They also take exciting trips to educational sites like Georgia Southern University and Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace.

First graders develop a solid vocabulary and begin honing their communication skills by investigating the structure of stories and the writing process. Students continue decoding words and their meanings through examining sound blends, syllables, roots, and word order through oral and silent reading. Students are introduced to the many patterns and irregularities of our language through constant reading and exposure to various genres of literature. Students are given inventive freedom to respond to stories and to create their own through numerous writing activities.

Social studies lessons in the first grade are all about daily living. Students take pride in what makes them unique, their family history, and displaying emotional awareness. Students learn to exhibit proper manners and treatment of others in school, home, and in other social environments. Students participate in U.S. and Georgia history and current events through interactive projects, classroom activities, and field trips.

First graders explore the inner-workings of their world through investigative science lessons. Students discover God’s masterful design for Earth by studying animals and their habitats, the seasons, the life cycle of plants, as well as the invisible world of germs and personal hygiene.

The first-grade student at Calvary is fully immersed in the foundation of mathematics. Students are able to count confidently forward and backward and by patterns up to 1,000. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, word problems, experiments in graphing, and the beginnings of geometry are some of the ways that the first grader begins thinking logically and critically about numbers. Students also continue building their practical mathematical skills by mastering time-telling, calendar reading, temperature reading, and measurement.

As part of Calvary’s mission to develop the whole child, the Lower School curriculum offers students in every grade elective courses in art, music, physical education, Bible, and Chinese.

The first grade is always as lively as its energetic students. By weaving traditional and interactive learning methods, our first-grade staff keeps the classroom as fun as it is engaging. Both the students and teachers continue to thrive in their quest for personal, spiritual, academic, and physical growth.