Kindergarten students at Calvary Day School begin the lifelong journey of interacting and communicating with the world around them. Their natural curiosity is fostered through exciting lessons that incorporate advanced technology like iPads as well as through trips to the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Oatland Island, Grainger Farm, Tybee Island, the Musical Explorers concert, the local post office, a tree farm, and a trolley ride. Kindergarten at Calvary is truly a winning combination — the members of the staff are enthusiastic to teach and to nurture, and the students are enthralled in discovering the working systems of God’s amazing universe.

Students learn basic language skills through activities focused on writing, listening, speaking, and reading. Kindergarten’s handwriting work not only reinforces letter identification necessary for basic reading, but Calvary’s use of the modern D’Nealian method also provides vital development to fine motor skills as well as the groundwork for transitioning to cursive writing. Using the A Beka Book curriculum, students move from letter identification to letter function. Students decode words through practice with sound recognition of vowels and consonants. In addition to traditional activities, students explore phonics and reading through peer-teacher games, stories, rhyming activities, songs, and frequent library visits.

Likewise, lessons in mathematical expression complement lessons in oral and written expression by encouraging students to think effectively and to reason as they navigate the modern structure of their world. Students first dive into the world of numbers by learning to count, to recognize, and to write numbers up to 100. As students explore the mathematical patterns of numbers, practical skills like counting money, telling time, and shape recognition are woven into lessons. Students flex their blossoming “math muscles” as they build concrete problem-solving skills to solve simple story problems, to predict outcomes, and to draw conclusions.

Kindergarten’s science lessons take students’ growing problem-solving skills and apply them to how their surrounding world works. Students begin by learning about the human body and how to care for it. From this point, nonliving and living organisms are distinguished, and the earth and its numerous environments are a focus point. Students learn how to be active members of the universe God has created through recycling and caring for our planet. Additionally, students build their observation, classification, measuring, recording, and predicting skills through hands-on activities that develop a strong foundation of scientific and personal learning.

Social studies in kindergarten emphasizes the students’ expanding horizons through the study of home, family, school, and community. Students discover Christian principles and God’s personal design for their lives through exploring ways to worship. Lessons promote social responsibility by examining our society’s traditions as well as the traditions of various cultures. Kindergarteners also relive the adventurous times surrounding the beginnings of Georgia and the United States in order to better understand the current structure of government and the presidential election process.

Through expert instruction by a compassionate staff, kindergarteners at Calvary Day School develop an appreciation and excitement for learning that guides them through the continuing academic years. It is our goal for students to enjoy learning as much as we enjoy teaching them.