Second Grade

Second grade at Calvary Day School is all about creating the confident, independent individual and student. Socially, second graders are forming more complex relationships with the people in their lives, and the new dimensions of their personalities are invited into the classroom. Academically, students begin recognizing patterns and structures in each subject in order to analyze, think critically, and become active participants in their communities. Students are eager to participate in field trips to fascinating sites such as the historic Massie School; the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina; Tybee Island; and the Savannah Music Festival.

Second grade language lessons enable students to communicate effectively through verbal and written presentations. Emphasis is placed on developing a clear, forceful, and persuasive voice. Students begin mastery of grammar, mechanics, and usage. Students practice these skills by maintaining social correspondence and by conducting research and reporting their findings. By engaging in self-questioning while reading and working in collaborative groups, students not only develop high self-esteem, but they also learn to value diversity in themselves and in others. Second grade language lessons continue the exploration of various literary genres as well as fine-tuning students’ abilities to be attentive listeners.

Mathematics in the second grade is a platform for demonstrating understanding and mastery of arithmetic concepts necessary to daily living. Students perform more timed activities to solidify mathematical knowledge. Students dig deeper into addition and subtraction by performing more difficult computations as well as understanding the relationships between addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Detailed work is conducted with time-telling, calendar reading, counting money, measurement, and thermometer reading. Students also continue to expand their knowledge of fractions and basic geometry. Problem-solving skills are showcased through innovative assignments and hands-on computing.


By exploring the functions of God’s creation in tangible ways, the second grader begins to use scientific inquiry independently and to communicate their findings clearly. Students learn why the earth’s systems are important by examining the basics of matter, magnetism, electricity, and ecosystems. Through various hands-on activities and experiments, students gain confidence in studying Earth and how to preserve it.

Second grade also offers students the opportunity for independent thinking through a social studies emphasis on the world’s diversity and God’s plan for us to work together. Students recognize the necessity of similarities and differences among people, distinguish needs from wants, and examine the importance of rules and laws. Lessons encourage students to learn from others as well as from events in colonial history.

As part of Calvary’s mission to develop the whole child, the Lower School curriculum offers students in every grade elective courses in art, music, physical education, Bible, and Chinese.

By the end of the second grade, students are equipped with personal and spiritual confidence that allows their unique personalities to shine and to bless others.