Third Grade

Third grade at Calvary Day School is a crucial year as students take their solid foundation of knowledge and transition into more difficult subject matter and greater responsibilities. Developmentally, third graders form closer bonds with their peers and work hard for the approval of both friends and adults. As students become more self-directed socially and academically, our staff is determined to love, nurture, and encourage their young minds to soar. The year is an exciting one, with students touring historic Savannah by trolley; visiting City Hall, Tybee Island and the Savannah Music Festival; and learning at educational sites such as Oatland Island, the Jekyll Island Turtle Center, and the Georgia Southern University Planetarium.

The third grade language curriculum begins our students’ transformation from effective to expert communicators, capable of understanding subtle nuances in our language. Students conduct detailed examinations of our language’s patterns and irregularities in order to express themselves in a more clear and creative voice. In addition to completing traditional assignments that focus on correct usage, students dive deeper into the world of literature through studying genre classification, the structural elements of a story, and the creation of poetry. Third grade language lessons enable students to find and express their own voices as well as to become enamored with reading for life.

Social studies in the third grade emphasizes the formation and preservation of communities. Students learn that the United States is part of a global community through interactive lessons involving world maps and the visual representation of information. Students then explore the structure of the U.S. government and society, and they pay careful attention to the inner workings of a small community’s government within the larger, national scope. Studies incorporate U.S. and Georgia history, including the examination of events, people, and documents surrounding the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Students explore topics specific to international trade and discuss the concept of supply and demand. Third graders discover their place in U.S. society and the global community by striving to become productive citizens.

Third grade students acquire a rich foundation in various branches of science, including life, earth, and physical science as well as basic anatomy. Students begin by classifying the various forms of life and studying the life cycles of plants and animals in God’s creation. Natural habitats are discussed, as well as the human influence upon such environments. Third grade science continues through a detailed study of matter and how it changes; the concepts of work, machines, and force; the physical, changing face of Earth’s landforms within the context of the solar system; and the numerous inner systems of the human body.

Third grade students are seasoned, practical mathematicians through their ability to tell time to the minute; to identify, count, and make change with money; to measure in both the English and metric systems; and to use calendars and thermometers with ease. Students also take a large leap into basic abstract math through completing thorough, timed activities that demonstrate mastery of previous skills, thereby allowing cultivation of advanced ones dealing with fractions, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, and averages.

As part of Calvary’s mission to develop the whole child, the Lower School curriculum offers students in every grade elective courses in art, music, physical education, Bible, and Chinese.
By the end of third grade, students are ready and enthusiastic to race into their last two years before Middle School.