Middle School

Everyone has stages and memories of their lives that they would like to hold on to forever or forget completely.  I would venture to say that a lot of people would agree with the idea that middle school is one of these times of your life.  During these years, kids are trying to decide who they are, what they want to be known for, and who they want to hang with.  For these reasons alone, I chose to get into education at the middle school level.  I feel that these students are so impressionable at this age and that with the right guidance and influence, kids can become those amazing individuals that God has planned for them to be.

Here at Calvary Day School we strive each and every day to build a Christ-centered foundation in each and every one of the young men and women that grace our hallways.  We are extremely blessed and excited about the opportunity to invest in the lives of our students.  Our teachers and staff here at Calvary consider their profession as a calling rather than merely an occupation, which is why the relationships that are constructed last for a lifetime.
We count it a privilege to partner with your family as we raise young men and women spiritually, physically, socially, and academically. Luke 2:52

Here are some ways to help you succeed as a Calvary Day Middle School Student

Phillip Lee – Middle School Dean of Students

6th Grade

Sixth grade classrooms at Calvary Day School are filled with a tangible buzz of excitement. Students are eager participants in their environments and are now capable of seeing the world from multiple perspectives. Sixth grade is perfect time for students to branch out by making new friends and by forming closer bonds with old ones through social activities, such as the class trip to…
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7th Grade

The horizon is wide for seventh graders, and students are eager to explore as many avenues as possible. Socially, students have a desire for a greater sense of personal autonomy, and Calvary Day School provides for our students’ social needs through memorable group activities such as a class trip to a regional amusement park and the 7th/8th grade Valentine’s Social.
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8th Grade

Eighth graders at Calvary Day School are one step away from joining the “big leagues” of high school, and they savor their time at the top of the middle school totem pole. However, eighth graders still enjoy the company of their peers at various middle school functions, whether at a special breakfast or the annual Spring Fling.
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