February 5, 2016JTaylor

Dear Calvary Family,

There is news and there is much deserved applause as we approach Registration 2016/2017! First let me thank all of the staff and parents who made our One to One technology implementation possible this year. Calvary already had the cutting edge research program with comprehensive instruction of MLA and APA research and writing methods. With the addition of Google Chromebooks and Nexus 7 tablets for all our students Pre-K through 12th grade, our school’s research and writing program is unparalleled in the Savannah area. It has been amazing to watch how quickly our children have adapted and soared in the classroom with this education-changing technology. It has been well worth the long hours of research, fundraising, and implementation. The Calvary One to One technology program will truly give our kids a big advantage for their bright futures.

Also, there is BIG NEWS for our school! Our Lower School has officially received the nomination for the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award. The National Blue Ribbon School School of Excellence Award recognizes exemplary high performing public and private schools around the country. In order to qualify for this nomination, students have to perform at or above the 85th percentile in Reading and Math on the Stanford 10. Only fifty private schools nationwide were nominated for this prestigious award. This is an enormously important award and huge confirmation of the nationally recognized quality of education your children are receiving at Calvary Day School. You’ll hear lots more about this as the year progresses. In the meantime we will celebrate as a family for God’s continued blessings on a school eagerly striving to be the best opportunity for a truly Christian education.

Enclosed in this mailing is our 2016/2017 school calendar, updated fee sheet, and a description of a new referral program through which you can enjoy real savings on your tuition simply by telling others about the great things taking place at Calvary. Please join us in telling the Calvary Day School story. As parents you have made a decision to be a part of an educational pursuit that is distinctly and unabashedly Christian and to be part of a school that desires to be God-honoring in our pursuit of educational excellence. Help us tell that story through social media and through conversations with friends and colleagues. God is doing great works here at Calvary, and we’re glad you’re a big part of all that is happening.

Once again, this year you will have the convenience of an online registration process. This was a huge success last year, making the re-enrollment process even easier. You will receive your re-registration information via email next week and have the option of paying registration using e-check or credit card. To assist with this process you will also have the opportunity to split the registration payment over two months. Completing your online re-enrollment and financial contract by March 1, along with submitting your registration payment, allows us to best plan for a great school year.

Thank you for your love for our school and your growing support of all God is doing in our midst.

In Anticipation of Great Things to Come,

Dr. James E. Taylor

Head of School