Fine Arts

31M_8408Calvary Day School strongly believes that creative expression is a pillar of each student’s education. The Fine Arts program fuses critical thinking with creative expression to provide students with a fulfilling experience in the arts.

At Calvary, an appreciation for the arts begins at a young age. Art is interwoven throughout the entire Lower School curriculum. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade participate in several performances throughout the year, giving students the chance to act and sing to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Memorial Day. Burgeoning young visual arts stars shine in the art shows hosted by the Lower School, and there is an annual Talent Show for students in grades 3-5. Additionally, students have their dazzling gingerbread houses put on display at the Westin in downtown Savannah during the holiday season. In the Lower School, students learn to love art in all its forms.

The Upper School Fine Arts Department builds upon the enthusiasm generated for the arts in earlier years. In Middle and High School, students gain a deeper understanding of the cultural importance of the arts through studying art history as well as through working in a wide array of mediums to create the perfect balance between information and application. Throughout the year, students experiment and create in order to showcase their artistic visions. Artists at Calvary have many opportunities to share their pieces with peers, parents, and staff through frequent on-campus displays and the annual Art Show.

Performance artists are also highly prized at Calvary Day School. Singers, musicians, and actors share their gifts in multiple venues, often supporting each other in areas where all three disciplines combine in a performance. The Calvary Singers, bands, and drama students also participate in numerous competitions where they can gain personal and group accolades that reward work done on and off stage.

A hallmark of Calvary’s Arts program is the enthusiasm students and teachers share for the arts at all levels. Through the Fine Arts program at Calvary, students are able to gain a new perspective that can often change the everyday into the extraordinary.