Visual Arts

31M_8408Visual arts students at Calvary Day School spend most of their time in class and in clubs getting their hands dirty and exploring different avenues of artistic expression as they hone their skills and develop a personal aesthetic. Work in multiple disciplines is encouraged, and at the annual Art Show, visitors see works of photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, etching, and mixed media.

Calvary’s visual artists learn to appreciate the cultural value of art as something that is both useful and beautiful. The members of the art staff are both gifted and innovative, and their expertise and passion help foster a personal artistic rigor in each student. As students become acquainted with the art of the masters in traditional forms, they learn to comment on contemporary issues through their own pieces. Calvary students understand the multiple purposes of art, and they strive to produce work that is adventurous and memorable.

The practical culmination of a year’s worth of artistic production is shared through the Beacon, Calvary’s award-winning yearbook. From the photographers who capture the essence of Calvary, to the writers and designers who present the story each school year with clarity and style, the yearbook artists fully understand the practical implications of their art. Visual arts students who work in graphic design and photography have the opportunity to publish their work in the Beacon. Calvary’s Beacon has won national awards for excellence in yearbook publications. The talent and dedication of the many student artists are at the center of the continued success of the yearbook. Beacon Awards

Enrichment through an established curriculum that embraces the innovations of contemporary trends allows students at Calvary Day School to pursue artistic endeavors for both personal pleasure and collegiate studies.