Raising Godly Kids in a Google World – Best Filtering Options for Home Networks

Google WorldAs I mentioned in my last article, protecting your children from negative influences on the internet can be an overwhelming task. Criminals, pornographers, and cult leaders are working hard to steal the hearts and minds of this Google Generation, so

Raising Godly Kids in a Google World – Protecting the Innocence of our Children in a Technology Driven Society

31M_0108We live in a technology driven society that is growing and changing everyday. It is very difficult to keep up with the new trends in technology and even more difficult to know how to protect our kids from getting into

Raising Godly Kids in a Google World – Helping Savannah’s Christian Parents with the Concerns of 1:1 Technology

3311492814_24a74df533As Calvary Day School began planning our one to one technology initiative several years ago, one of our main objectives was to offer a safe technology environment for our students both here on campus as well as in student homes

Calvary Day School’s Littlest Cavaliers Explore the Best that Technology has to Offer

P1020323We have been talking a lot about 1:1 Chromebooks in our Upper School at Calvary Day School in Savannah, but we haven’t forgotten about our littlest Cavaliers. We made the decision to use Android tablets in our Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd