Cory Martin Class of 2003

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Loyalty is one quality you need for a business to grow and flourish. Calvary Day School has many teachers and administrators that have been a part of the school since their childhood. The atmosphere at Calvary is one that you can never get enough of. At Calvary, you have more than just friends; you have a family, one that you will have the rest of your life.

Cory Martin attended Calvary from 1st grade through his graduation in 2003. During high school, Coach Martin was involved in many different extra-curriculars. He participated in various sporting activities, but his passion was golf. He was also involved in the National Honor Society and Science Club. “My parents chose to send me to Calvary because of the Christian environment and influences as well as the educational opportunities.” Calvary is a place where you can send your children and trust that they will be in a safe, Christian learning environment.

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While at Calvary, Coach Martin said that he had many different influential people in his life. One of the people that he remembers most is Allen Lowe. “He taught me Honors Algebra II, and he was a great math teacher, but even more, a great male role model.” Coach Martin then went on to say, “ While most students probably do not realize it at the time, Calvary prepared me for college academically, but more importantly, I learned the value of relationships in life.”

After high school, Coach Martin attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After he Graduated from the University of Georgia, he came back to Savannah and attended Armstrong where he earned his Master’s of Art and Teaching. He recently attended Columbus State University and received his Ed. S. in Leadership and Administration.

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Coach Martin was not the only one in his family that attended Calvary. His brother, Denton Martin and sister, Paige Lauren Robbins, are also Calvary alumni. Coach Martin married his wife, Katie, in June of 2011, and they have one child, Carter Anne Martin. Mrs. Martin teaches middle school English at Calvary.

Not only is Coach Martin one of my teachers, he is also a very influential person in my life. He was my homeroom teacher my freshman year of high school. He was not only a teacher but also a mentor that many people at Calvary look up. He is very supportive and is there to talk if I ever need anything. He has now moved into administration, serving as the Middle School Dean of Students. Prior to that position, he was the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction and taught several science classes each year.

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While Coach Martin has many great memories at Calvary, he left me with one piece of advice: “Learn to value the people you have around you and enjoy every second you get both here at Calvary and wherever you go moving forward, because, at the end of the day, life will always be about people and relationships. Also, take every opportunity to broaden your horizons and take risks in life.”




Written by Garris Thomas, Class of 2017


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