Life is like a box of chocolates..


College decisions are being received daily during this time of year. Some of the decisions bring wonderful news, while others tears of disappointment. So often I hear students say – I thought I did everything right – I earned the competitive test scores, I took the rigorous classes and I have a strong GPA – what went wrong??? I wish I knew the answer. College admission decisions can leave counselors confused and frustrated. All we can try and do is stay knowledgeable of current trends and assist our students in the strive for college application perfection. However for those of us who are Christians we know that God has a plan for our lives and as unclear as they may seem right now, know that he is in control and let him guide you to the college that is the perfect fit. Below is the recent blog from Admission representative David Graves from the University of Georgia. His words are wise and meaningful.

Admissions and Forrest Gump’s Box of Chocolates

A little more about Stacey Mell...

Stacey Mell is a 1982 graduate of Calvary Day School. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts. in psychology with a minor in computer programming from Armstrong Atlantic State University and an M.Ed. in counseling as well as an Ed.S. in counseling from Georgia Southern University . Stacey has been married to Jeff Mell for twenty-nine years . Their son Matthew was a high honor graduate from Calvary in 2012 and is currently a senior at Georgia Southwestern University. Thier younger son Ryan, is currently a junior at Calvary and is on the track and football teams, as well as a member of the BEACON staff. She attends Blessed Sacrament Church and finds inspiration from Ephesians 2:8, “For grace you are saved through faith – think not of yourselves, it is a gift of God.” Mell enjoys spending time with her family on the beach, cruising to any Caribbean island, football games, and to dinner and a movie.

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