Tonja Moore Brunn Class of 1989

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Students and faculty can all relate to the fact that when Calvary Day School is mentioned, the first thing they think of is family. Students in different grades become so close to one another that they soon become like brothers and sisters. Individual students become so close to faculty members that they look up to them and come to them for advice. There are even some students’ parents who work at Calvary, which fulfills the feeling of family.

One person who comes to mind when Calvary family is mentioned is Mrs. Tonja Brunn. She is a mother to two students, senior, Abby, and seventh grader, Adam. Mrs. Brunn started attending Calvary during her fifth grade year, when her mother was hired as a fourth grade teacher, and continued at Calvary until she graduated in 1989. In 2000, she joined the Calvary family as a guidance counselor. Since then, she has also served in the role of Assistant Principal and currently serves as the Director of Media Services here at Calvary.

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Mrs. Brunn was and still is an outstanding student. She got her B.S. in Health and Physical Education from Armstrong State University, MEd in Counseling Education at Georgia Southern University, a Master’s Level Certification in Educational Administration from UGA, a Master’s Level Certification in Instructional Technology from Valdosta State University, and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Professional Editing from the University of California at Berkeley. Before joining Calvary in 2000, she worked for eight years in the Chatham County Public School System as a teacher, parent coordinator, and counselor. The hard work that Mrs. Brunn put in during her high school career at Calvary took her far into her educational career, and we couldn’t be more proud.

During her high school career, Mrs. Brunn was President of the Anchor Club (a service organization); a JV/Varsity cheerleader, a member of the Student Council, a girls’ trio member on the Literary team, and a member of the National Honor Society. Her class schedule and involvement in these clubs helped her succeed by preparing her for college. She says that “college work was easy compared to some of my high school course work, particularly English.” With everything she was involved in, it helped her learn how to manage her time wisely.

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“Enjoy the moment while giving your very best in all that you do. Pray for guidance and wisdom every step of the way.” That is why Mrs. Brunn is a person many of us look up to. She can give some great advice to any students that are willing to take it! Many students now see that Calvary is a family and so can Mrs. Brunn. She says, “I remember it from when I was a student, and I see it even more now as a staff member and parent. Calvary makes sure students are challenged today and ready for tomorrow spiritually, academically, and socially.” Students and faculty become one family to better themselves for whatever the future may hold.



Paloma Christoff
Class of 2017

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